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WASTECOM Screenings Washing and Compaction Units

WASTECOM™ CLE is an innovative self-cleaning compactor designed for compaction of screenings.

By means of special features, WASTECOM™ CLE is used for reduction of screenings and a large variety of waste materials from industrial processes. WASTECOM™ CLE consists of a drainage chamber with a hopper, a compacting unit and a special flush end pipe for discharging the compacted material.
Thanks to the particular design of the screw, screened fibrous materials can be easily handled. Moreover, the drainage chamber made from SINT™ engineering polymer enables self-cleaning and self-lubrication of both drainage and compaction chamber.

Эксплуатационные качества и технические характеристики и преимущества
Modular design
Jagged Flight
Liner made from SINT™ engineering polymer
Small footprint
Durable heavy-duty shafted screws;
Self-cleaning drainage made from SINT™ engineering polymer;
Economic transportation and installation
Abatement of organic volatile pollutants
Odour lowering
Silent operation

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