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ILK  Capacitive Level Indicator
ILK Capacitive Level Indicators are fitted upon the walls of a bin, silo or hopper, depending on the type of detection they’re installed for.

When the material is present near the probe, the electronic module detects the capacitance variation of the volume around the probe and switches the electro-mechanical contact.

ILK Level Indicators have been designed for level monitoring of bins, hoppers or silos by means of the capacitance variation detection around the probe

Опции и аксессуары
  • Threaded Bushes 
  • Made from carbon steel, can be supplied to be welded on to the silo/hopper wall for a fast installation of the ILK
  • Thread: 1” Ѕ ISO 228 
  • Thread 2” Ѕ ISO 228

Эксплуатационные качества и технические характеристики и преимущества
  • Product sensitivity: Dielectric constant (Dk)>1.6; max.grain size 30 mm
  • Power supply: 21…27 VDC (±10%) ; max.1.5 W
  • Signal Output: Floating relay SPDT AC max.250 V, 3A non inductive DC max.30V , 5A non inductive
  • Standard connection: G 1Ѕ” - G 2Ѕ”
  • Enclosure: IP66
  • Working temperature
    inside vessel - 40°C +100°C (up to +120°C if ambient temp. is lower than 50°C)
  • Ambient temperature - 40°C +60°C
  • Max. process pressure: 16 bar
  • Thread fitting and probe material: glass fibre reinforced plastic G 1 Ѕ” – G 2 Ѕ”
  • Casing material: aluminium alloy
  • Adjustable signal delay from 0.5 s to 20 s
  • Adjustable signal output logic
  • Simple and reliable construction, as no moving parts are present;
  • No product in contact with the casing;
  • Suitable for extremely light products;
  • Factory pre-calibrated allows measurement for most applications with no calibration on-site;
  • Four Ranges Adjustable Sensitivity;
  • Double threaded fitting ensures system compatibility;
  • Easy and quick installation and replacement;

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